Catering For Private Events in Raleigh

Hiring a catering company for your wedding, holiday party or birthday celebration can be time consuming. Searching through Google, contacting them individually and waiting for quotes can make an experience that should be enjoyable turn into one of the most aggravating parts of your festivity.  Not to mention that many companies are booked far in advance and usually on the most coveted dates.

Our network of chefs and small catering companies bring together the culinary talent of the Triangle. Many of our chefs work in some of the finest restaurants that we all know and love (we are not at liberty to list them here. These professional chefs will bring their expertise and art to your home or venue and work to make your event one that you will remember for years to come.

Unlike contacting numerous companies and waiting for them to contact you back – if they do at all – our consultants will get to know your event and preferences in the style of cuisine you’d prefer and match you with the very best chef for your particular requirements.

Hire A Corporate Caterer From The Numerous Chefs In Our Network

If it is a small business event that you are looking to cater but would rather have something a little more enjoyable than Panera, let us help you find the perfect match to your gathering. Our chefs not only can cook and serve, but if you really want to create a memorable engagement, we can even arrange for a cooking class right at your offices or space.

Our consultant will work together with you to find exactly the right flavors and presentation style without the hours and aggravation of searching yourself and coming up with creative ideas.

Give us a call if you’d like to talk with Jan today.

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