Why Not Host A Cooking Class In Your Own Home?

For the Foodie who has experienced everything culinary, consider this unique experience that can be shared with friends and family. Hire an experienced chef to teach a cooking class in your home for you and your friends.

Cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular and chefs have moved from behind the scenes to becoming the center of attention. People not only want to learn how to cook, but they want the experience of learning from a professional.

International Cooking Styles

Since most chefs have backgrounds in cooking from specific countries, we will help you to find a cook who has taught particular culinary styles. Whether you prefer Italian, Thai, Mexican or French. Our bureau of chefs can help you prepare a custom menu for the evening that will delight your guests.

How It Works

Once you have spoken with our consultant, we will help select the perfect chef by matching the culinary style and personality that will be a perfect fit for your group.

Your personal teacher for the evening will shop for the food and bring it to your home. They will bring any cooking instruments they need and perhaps even an assistant depending on the size of your group. They will show you their techniques and share their recipes. We can make the experience as interactive as you’d like. By the end of the evening your guests will have learned how to create numerous courses of food and indulge their pallets in the final results.

Afterwards, they will take care of the clean up and be on their way leaving your friends and family full and allowing you and you to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Cooking Classes for All Levels of Experience

Adult Beginner Cooking Classes

Are you new to cooking and preparing meals or feel that you lack the confidence and experience to serve wonderful meals at home? Newlyweds, college students, singles and others. Let our chefs guide you through some of what holds you back. Learn to master all the basics to ensure the outcome of a fantastic meal.

Examples for beginner cooks: Breakfast/Brunch Basics, Great Lunches and Dinners, Simple Desserts that will get others talking

Adult Intermediate Cooking Classes

Have you been cooking for yourself and your family for a while, but you are bored or unhappy with the meals you end up with? Do you want to venture out and try something new but are not sure where to start?

Examples for intermediate cooks: Mastering the Grill, Global Cuisine, Cakes and Pies to Die For

Adult Advanced Cooks Classes

Are you a great cook, seeking some adventure in the plates you serve? Do you watch other chefs and think, “I could do that”, but then something holds you back? Here is an opportunity to try some cool techniques and flavors that excite your palate.

Examples for advanced cooks:  Cooking with Acid, Dry Ice, Smoking and Curing Fish & Meats

Cooking for Kids

Teaching a child to explore a variety of freshly prepared food not only encourages them to eat healthier, but builds their confidence in being able to choose, create and share their own culinary abilities. Allowing them to express their personality in anything from flavor, technique or design can offer a safe and practical creative outlet for a child of any age. Imagine your child’s birthday party at your home or a sanctioned facility where they, along with several of their friends, actually produced the food for the event.

Little ones can decorate already prepared cupcakes, cookies or make pizzas to take home. Assemble healthy snacks and make fun shaped foods.

Taught by our chef, your age appropriate kids can create anything from handmade breads, meatballs, or pasta.

Pre-teens can participate in a friendly competition and older teens can show off what they know in a “Chopt” style cook off.

Examples for kid cooks: Cupcake Wars, Roll the Dough, Healthy Snacking, California Rolls and Bowls, Homemade Ice cream and Sorbet.