Food is love and we believe that gathering with others around a table, tasting, sharing and enjoying the company of others is one of the best ways to experience the moments that matter most in our lives. We love food so much so, that we produce a food blog called For the Love of Food. In our blog we share recipes that you can recreate and we share stories that we hope inspire or entertain you. Our blog is totally ad free so you can feel confident about visiting. But don’t leave yet. Let us help you with how exactly Chef Events works.

We scour the depths and corners of the culinary scene to find the best talent in the industry. We perform in depth interviews with each chef to understand who they like to work with, what kinds of experience they have, what their cooking styles are, and the best settings for them to work in. We run a background check on all chefs regardless of how good or well regarded they are.

Our consultants work with our clients to determine the exact experience they would like to create. Then guide the prospective clients in the process to help them select the right personal chef with the perfect cooking style, demeanor, and price point for the type of event that they envision.

We have years of consulting and culinary experience on our team. Our experts have successfully hosted, worked and cooked their way through a large variety of events. We know what it takes for you to have a successful event no matter how large or small. We pay attention to the detail you share with us and help you create the experience that you desire for your guests.  

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