Chef Events

Chef Events

Hire a Professional for Your Next Party

Raleigh Cooking Classes With A Professional Chef

International Cooking Styles Since most professionals have backgrounds in cooking from specific countries, we will help you to find a chef in Raleigh who has taught particular culinary styles. Whether you prefer Italian, Thai, Mexican...

Hire A Personal Chef For Your Next Dinner Party In Raleigh

For Your Next Gathering You Can Hire a Professional Chef Some evenings are just better when someone else is taking care of the cooking. From our list of experienced culinary artists, you can find the...

Have Your Choice of the Best Caterers from Around the Triangle

Catering For Private Events in Raleigh Hiring a catering company for your wedding, holiday party or birthday celebration can be time consuming. Searching through Google, contacting them individually and waiting for quotes can make an...

Bring A Professional Chef Into Your Home For The Evening

For your next event, you can hire a professional chef in Raleigh or anywhere in the Triangle to make your entire evening one of entertainment and memories. Whether you are having a special occasion or just want to get together with some friends, we have a number of experienced chefs to choose from.

Having a chef to lead your event is a fun way to bring people together around a common bond; food. Everyone enjoys sharing their favorite flavors, textures and styles. It may be discovering something new to trying a new technique to make cooking easier, or perhaps just simply being pampered.

We create the culinary experience that you envision with our expert chefs and assistants.

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Hello Alfresco!
Ah… The sights and sounds of summer. Why is it that as...
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Forget Dining Out

No longer are you sitting, waiting for a table in a crowded, loud restaurant, with wait-staff zipping by you with big trays, bus-people clanging empty plates with everyone in a rush to move you along faster so they can turn the table for profit. Hoping to find something you like to eat on the menu then having it cooked properly the way you asked for it. Worrying about the parking meter after driving around the block several times and putting up a good fight for an open space. Fretting about overpaying for expensive, marked-up wine and liquor that you are unfamiliar with and relying on the recommendation of the waitstaff. No more hassling with finding and paying for babysitters for your children, or having to pick up your sleeping children to drive them home at the end of the evening when you are full and tired.

Instead Dine In

Let our trained culinary experts shop, cook, prepare and serve your next meal. They even clean the dishes and cookware! You get a fabulous meal with items that you request, cooked the way you ask the chef to prepare it. Select your own preference of wine and spirits from your collection and share them during a hassle free, relaxing dining experience that you deserve.

A few simple conversations help us to understand the setting you would like to create.

Do you want to have a romantic dinner for two, where you hardly notice the chef is there?

A small gathering of business colleagues, friends or neighbors?

A formal sit down experience where you are being served and waited upon?

Do you prefer a more casual dining atmosphere where guests can serve themselves and mix and mingle with small plates?  

How about creating a fun, entertaining learning experience for your guests where the chef can explain what they are doing and why?

Or do you want you and your guests to interact and create a feast together under the guidance of our chef?

Our consultants in Raleigh will guide you along in the process helping you select the right chef with the perfect cooking style, demeanor, and price point for the type of event that you envision.

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