Do I get to speak with the chef before my event?

Yes, the chef that is selected for your event will work with you to create a menu that fits your chosen theme.

Does Chef Events take into consideration dietary restrictions?

Yes, we will ask you to supply emails for your guests in advance so that we can ask your guests about their dietary restrictions, etc. They will have the opportunity to opt in for future emails from us, you can be assured will not spam your guests.

Does Chef Events charge more than if I just hired a chef myself?

Think of using Chef Events like you would a travel agent or insurance agent. We have negotiated special pricing with our chefs based on the ability of providing ongoing engagements.

How do I pay the chef?

Chef Events does not allow chefs to collect payment directly from a client, all payments including gratuities must be made via the Chef Events payment system on our secure website portal. The chef receives payment from us directly.

Do I supply the food?

The chef will supply all the food for your event. You will agree to a predetermined budget amount that will be reflected in your agreement. The chef will not supply alcoholic beverages, this will be your responsibility.

What if my guest list changes?

You can make additions to your guest list up to 72 hours before an event. We require that any additions also complete the guest questionnaire disclosing any food sensitivities prior to attending the event.

What if I have a guest who cancels?

You may reduce your guest list up to 72 hours before the event. When your event is within 72 hours leading up to your event, you can expect to be charged for the full agreement.

My friend has a private chef who cooks for her family everyday. Do you offer this kind of service?

Yes, but first let’s discuss the difference between a private chef and a personal chef.

Your friend has a private chef that works for her family on an ongoing basis and that is very different from hiring a chef who will cook for a dinner party occasionally or who will teach a class. Personal chefs like working with a variety of different groups and creating different types of experiences. Where a private chef may be more exclusive to a family and getting to know each family members preferences, schedules and may provide weekly shopping or stocking of your family pantry and fridge.

Can Chef Events teach a cooking class at my place of business?

Yes, our chefs enjoy working with businesses and we offer cooking classes for team building. Your office must have proper facilities to host the event, a place for sanitation, refrigeration etc.

Does Chef Events hold public cooking classes?

Chef Events holds its public classes over the internet. This provides you the opportunity to cook along with the chef and be able to watch a video replay of the entire class as many times as you like.

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